What are Defined Diamonds?

Defined Diamonds are hand-selected diamonds, polished to strict specifications and definable standards, and made available to you to keep as an investment, to give as the ultimate gift, or to enjoy in jewelry that increases in value as it’s worn.

Rand make Defined Diamonds available to you at the Polished Trade Price — the same price that top global retailers pay for diamonds. Working directly with you, we take the guesswork out of the selection and valuation process, and will also help you monetize your Defined Diamond should you ever wish to sell.


Not all diamonds are created equal

Everyone knows that diamonds are valuable and desirable, yet for all of their unique benefits, up until now it’s been difficult to purchase or sell diamonds for wealth preservation because diamond qualities and valuation had not been objective and standardized. Now, with Defined Diamonds you can easily buy the right, most resalable diamonds at the correct price — whether to keep, gift, trade, or sell in the future.


Whatever your desired value, at Rand we select diamonds of the size and type that have a track record of global demand. This makes Defined Diamonds very liquid and offers you the best appreciation potential.


Defined Diamonds are the most in-demand, investment quality, resalable diamonds in the world. Diamond Discs contain only Triple Excellent cut grades and qualities in global demand, all checked by us and backed by the GIA Certificate. The price you pay is the Polished Trade Price (PTP); the same price a top end retail brand would pay to buy diamonds of this quality from us.


In addition to GIA Certification, we provide our clients with an added level of assurance. Every Defined Diamond is inspected by our own gemologist before it is sold in order to ensure that every characteristic noted by the GIA meets our own higher standards. We eliminate any diamonds that we deem unsuitable for investment purposes.


The value and benefits of all Defined Diamonds are unassailable. For the first time ever, Rand makes it possible for you to purchase globally in-demand diamonds safely and accurately at the Polished Trade Price — both for current purchase and future resale.
Our 70 years of expertise guarantees the quality and value of your Defined Diamond purchase.

Hand-selected for beauty, global demand, stability, quality, and value

The Defined Diamonds in a diamond disc are specifically selected to be the types and sizes used in engagement rings around the world, representing over 50% of all global diamond sales. Populations are growing globally and more people get engaged each year. This has made the type of diamonds used for engagement always in demand. Therefore, Defined Diamonds are likely to show consistent stable growth and be easily salable and liquid globally.

All Defined Diamonds start with GIA certification

GIA is the leading source of knowledge and the global standard for diamond grading. In the 1950’s GIA established the standards and definitions used around the world to grade diamonds to this day. While other laboratories may use GIA terminology, they are not the GIA, and they do not necessarily use GIA standards. That is why whenever you see a multi-million-dollar diamond, it always has a GIA grading certificate — just like all Defined Diamonds do, regardless of size. At Rand, we ensure that each Defined Diamond is of defined quality standards for accurate value determination. To do this, every Defined Diamond starts with GIA certification, and has the GIA Triple Excellent cut grade rating.

Rand goes further than GIA

Before any diamond can become a Defined Diamond we inspect it to our own higher standard of quality than GIA. Additionally, we check for features and attributes that GIA may not note, but that we find relevant such as the nature of imperfections, color tone, and overall impression. Our standard for cut, clarity, and color are on the upper end of the GIA tolerance spectrum. We eliminate any diamond that does not meet our higher standard. That is what we mean by unassailable. These are some of the Defined Diamond features that allow us to offer you our exclusive Resale Promise.

Our Promise, Your Guarantee

Whether your goal is to purchase Defined Diamonds to gift them to important people in your life, as a safety net against the unknown or for jewelry, diamonds you purchase from Rand are of definable quality and sold to you at the Polished Trade Price (PTP). Should you wish to sell your Defined Diamonds at a later date, we offer you our unique Resale Promise. For more information about Defined Diamonds, feel free to call +1 (888) 818-7552 (+1 (646) 669-7057 International) any time.

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