The Gift of Forever. Introducing Rand Defined Diamonds.

For thousands of years, diamonds have been the ultimate expression of love and caring and the most concentrated store of wealth known to humankind. Now, with 21st century analytical tools, it’s possible to objectively define all of the characteristics that determine the true value of diamonds, allowing you to get the right diamond at the right price. For the first time, we’ve taken the guesswork out of diamond valuation and purchasing.

Rand is leveraging it’s 70 year history as one of the most well respected diamond companies in the world to bring you Defined Diamonds, allowing you to purchase the best quality, certified and in-demand diamonds safely and accurately at the Polished Trade Price — the same trade price that top global retailers purchase for.


“Diamonds are born, not made”

Founded on the diamond fields of South Africa in 1947 by patriarch Barney Laub — Rand Diamonds established a reputation for impeccable quality, integrity, and business ethics. From Laub’s high standard of excellence, Rand Diamonds became one of a select number of companies chosen more than sixty years ago to acquire rough diamonds for cutting and polishing, directly from the source.

Today we continue as the source of polished diamonds for some of the most prestigious retail stores in the world, discreetly supplying them with the finest diamonds to their exacting standards and specification from our US corporation, Rand Diamonds Inc. It is this heritage and market position that is the foundation of Defined Diamonds — our newest innovation.


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